About Me


 Hi Naturals!


I am so excited to talk hair and styles with you! My name is Samantha and I am a mother, a small business owner, a wife, and a Dope Natural! I want to share my experiences as I continue on my natural hair journey to dope, beautiful, and healthy natural hair.

Being a Dope Natural is about believing and achieving your best hair ever! I truly believe no one can knock you off your journey unless you let them. I am here to help you and continue learning myself. I will post information regarding all subjects to help you grow and retain your beautiful hair whether you think it’s beautiful or not right now. We were all new to learning how to maintain our natural hair and god knows we have all went through the ups and the downs and probably some of us are still working it out over the years…but that’s okay!

If you are a newbie or just trying to decide if you are ready to take a journey to your most dope hair ever, if you are a professional stylist interested in what Naturals are talking about to be able to better serve us, if you are like me and you are just interested in learning all you can to keep your hair natural and healthy and yes Dope! Keep coming back daily, weekly and monthly!

You will find articles, photos of dope naturals, featured naturals and their stories, dates of natural hair events in the DFW area, and more! I am so excited! As always…


Be Dope Naturals!

Journey To Natural Healthy Hair