So here’s the legal stuff:

Dope Naturals (dopenaturals.org) is a site set up to share experiences with other natural individuals based upon the experiences that I have gone through on my personal natural hair journey. My name is Samantha and I am the owner of dopenaturals.org and unless otherwise stated, I am the writer and editor of most of the content of this blog.  I am not a professional hair stylist, beautician, barber, doctor, nutritionist or scientist. I am a dope natural. The information presented on this site is provided based upon my personal experiences with my natural hair. Your decision to use, implement any of the suggestions, products, reviews,  or recommendations are at your sole discretion. Please research and monitor your own natural hair and do what is best for you.

If you choose to use  or follow any of the suggestions, advice, tips, products, recommendations, or videos that I post to this site or any other social media forum that is used by dopenaturals.org, which would include: Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, please notice that you are proceeding at your own discretion and I will not be responsible for the outcome of your results or  your  personal decision to do so.  Please do your own research to understand and gain specific hair care information for your hair.

As this site grows, dopenaturals.org will enlist the help of more naturals and experienced professionals that will help  contribute to the content of this blog. The owner of this blog, dopenaturals.org  will not for any reason be held responsible for the content provided by these authors. The views expressed will be their own.

Please notice that any contact  information you provide is used by dopenaturals.org to communicate with you only.

As the owner of this blog, my desire is to give each visitor inspiration to embark upon their own natural hair journey. To  encourage you all to be dope with your natural hair at whatever stage you might find yourself in your journey to your most natural and healthy hair.


Thank You!



Journey To Natural Healthy Hair