Dope Natural – Miss Ariel

Miss Ariel!
Thanks for sharing some of your hair journey with us…let’s get started…
How long have you been natural?
Has your family and friends been supportive of your natural hair journey?
my family and friends have been very supportive. in fact, I have helped some transition and also they ask me for tips on how to take care of their hair, and I love it!
Wow that’s awesome! Now tell us what do you do for a living and how does that affect how you style your hair?
I am an insurance agent for State Farm. It has not really affected the way I style my hair. my boss is totally cool with my curls, and I rock whatever hair style I feel at the time.
What kind of issues have you run into with your natural hair?
The biggest issue I have run into with my hair is dryness. but I feel like since I learned that my hair is high porosity I have able to gravitate towards the right products and managing dryness has become easier.
Do you have any go-to protective styles or dope hairstyles you love?
My go to protective style is a bun. it’s also my lazy hair style or I need to do my hair, hairstyle lol.
How often do you use heat to straighten your natural hair?
I only straighten my hair when I’m getting a trim which is about 4 times a year
What is your favorite hair product that you just can’t do without?
I can’t live life without my shea moisture JBCO leave in conditioner
Do you have a stylist that you would recommend? 
 Yes!!! Crystal Newkirk in Cary NC. she is the only person that touches my head besides my mom or me.
What advice can you give to beginners?
 To my beginners, patience is key. love your hair nourish your hair and it will be good to you
You are truly a dope natural! Thanks so much for sharing some of your experiences with us on your natural hair journey!
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