Hair Weaves, Wigs, and Sew-Ins – Good Or Not?

My opinion is that  all fake hair can be avoided, but timing and circumstances sometimes makes them necessary. I admit synthetic hair and real hair extensions have come a long way! You use to be able to tell whose hair was and was not “real.” Not anymore, but I think that’s a good thing!

Although I have personally never worn any kind of weaves or extensions in my hair, I won’t say I never will…I love love that weave is mimicking our naturally kinky curly hair! Remember weave use to only be straight and some kind of weird texture. So power to the kinky!

Weave really isn’t something new. It has been worn for centuries as a protective style as far back as the Egyptians! So it’s no surprise that weave is still being used today as such.  Although, I won’t speak against weaves and extensions, I will issue  words of caution…

First, weave and extensions should be installed correctly – meaning if you don’t know what you are doing or you don’t know how to do a weave you probably better leave it to a professional or someone who is familiar with how to install it correctly. Yes, we want to be cute, but not bald!

Second,  be careful about those edges! Nothing I hate more than to see someone with a weave that’s literally exterminating their edges. I just want to go get some coconut oil or shea butter and oil them up. Don’t do it! I have warned you..

Third, and this may not even be something you have thought about, but I have and I just want to say…please don’t be lying to naturals about your hair journey with weave and extensions. Really how does it help others on a hair journey, some dealing with their own self-esteem issues and hair acceptance for us to be pretending we have all those crochet styles because we did a hair journey to get there?  I am all for looking your best, but I don’t and will never agree with tricking people who sincerely want to grow out their natural hair into following me and I am not being real with them.

Bottom line is if you wear weaves and extensions – be dope with it – do you, but be responsible when you are installing them or wearing them and for goodness sake – be honest…most people will still think your hair is dope!

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