My “SLAP” Grace Eleyae Review


First, let me say that I really like my Slap! I have a lot of hair and all of my hair was able to fit under this cap. I have slept in it every night since I received it and I even wore it out and about one day just to see the conversations that it would stir up.

Sorry Grace, but your hat didn’t stir up any conversations!  Well maybe nobody wanted to talk to me that day! You know me though…I will find a conversation so I asked people what they knew about the cap I was wearing. Some people knew about the satin lined hat seeming to be very familiar with the cap that claims to be protective enough to wear to bed and dope enough to wear on the street. Others were clearly not impressed until I showed them the satin lining inside the cap. Oh yes honey,  my hair was cute under my Slap – so it was still dope when I pulled off my cap in public.

So what are the Pros?

  • The cap is big! My hair is thick and long and all of my hair fit under this cap. So it provided complete coverage to my hair.
  • There is a silk lining inside this hat so it pretty much protects your hair all through out the night and no, it didn’t slip off while I slept.
  • There is a “Grace Eleyae” brand tag that is clearly visible on the outside of the cap…this wasn’t really a big deal for me, but I  know some people like others to see who they are wearing.
  • The cap comes in several different colors so you don’t have to settle for just one color like I did…I can’t help it, I love black!
  • It does what it says it does. Believe me, I checked the inside of my cap every morning to see if there was just one strand of my hair broken while I was sleep and I can honestly say that I did not find one hair  over the last few days! Now that’s saying something

I really don’t have any Cons except one:

The brand tag on the cap would at times snag strands of my hair as I was either putting the cap on or off. Honestly, I don’t know if I can truly call that a con because that may have been my fault…but at least now you know what can happen.

After saying all this, I am proudly saying to all of you that I am a Grace Eleyae (Slap) dope natural! I wear my Slap every night! Because I am working to reach my natural hair goal of tailbone length hair-I am working overtime to protect my hair from unnecessary breakage. I have about 2 more inches to go! Dope….

If you want to purchase your own Slap or any of the other satin lined products she offers, you can check out the link below.

(I am not affiliated with or Grace Eleyae nor am I getting paid to promote this item or her website. When I see a good thing that I like…I will let you know – see how dope that is!)

As always be dope naturals!

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